Living miracles community reunion in Chapala / Ajijic Mexico begins September 2017

Our first ever Tabula Rasa Mystery School finished May 30, 2017 at the Living Miracles Monastery in Utah and was a great success, and the upcoming mid-July FIP Celebration event is going to be the largest event we have ever hosted at the monastery. Yet the most exciting and inspirational turn of events will be when our whole, global Living Miracles Community meets in Chapala / AjijicMexico for a reunion of anywhere from a couple months in Autumn to a lifelong adventure in several Chapala area houses and this whole area of South, Central Mexico. Things are moving fast for our community and as well a host of other people inspired by A Course In Miracles who are moving to the Chapala / Ajijic area of Mexico. The vibe is Joy!!! ACIM Mexico community is on the rise!

David Hoffmeister
PO Box 789
Kamas, UT 84036

As we make room in our hearts for God’s Presence, much that has served us along the way has fallen away. Our Purpose of Awakening to God’s Love remains, but the years of conferences and self publishing and mind training centers and messengers is drawing to a close. Devotional residences, an annual Mystery School in Utah at the monastery, Silent retreats, grass root travels/gatherings, individual inspirations and expressions, and personal stays are what is current for our Living Miracles Community. Our shared agreements of no people pleasing, no private thoughts, no personal ownership, and community support throughout one’s entire life in Divine Providence remain as always. The title of ‘messengers’ no longer seems Helpful, as vibrant Presence sustains and concepts of persons and the personal perspective fade from awareness. Spontaneous Flow in Spirit and Guidance infuse the Clueless, Carefree, Cared for Grace of the Living Miracle.

The move to Mexico gives us many opportunities to truly live together spontaneously in collaborative joy and love and Presence. Publications as it has been before will dissolve and La Casa de Milagros in Chapala, Mexico will be a hub of collaboration and inspiration and expression. It will be open for weekend or weeklong retreats, Silent retreats, gatherings, and personal stays in the Summer or when space permits. SEO, PR, and skills for increased visibility/extending online and preparing for individual and team grass root travels/gatherings will be expanded and sharpened. New areas of inspiration such as the movie documentary, Spiri app, and developing our AI bot will continue to emerge and involve increased community input, participation, and feedback.

As for the residences in the Chapala area, the Taj will be a temple of reverence and Stillness. As mentioned La Casa will be a hub of collaboration and inspiration and expression. The house of Bliss will be the home of communication and social media, and Jeffrey and Susannah’s house will be our Internet and innovation core. Festive and profound events will draw together the community residents to La Casa de Milagros, where there is sufficient parking and space for such events. These could include concerts, movie gatherings, collaborative projects and tasks, sharing a meal together, meditations, etc.

The undoing of the belief in linear time is the central focus. Project and task concepts will give way to spontaneity and being done through. True empathy is the priority. Therefore truth finding triumphs over error and mistaken perception. “See no error” becomes the Calling Home. Whole perception overtakes parts and preferences and separate interests. Team is a unified perspective, not a collection of people. Guided, inner initiated nudges overcome following people and looking for external cues and instructions. State of mind transcends concern for results and outcomes.

Trust has settled every problem, now and forever. The invitation is clear. All glory to the One, God’s Love.

The monastery will re-open in the Spring of 2018, and the next Mystery School will be in September of 2018. Deposits for the next Mystery School will be taken as early as this Summer, and registration for the Mystery School and ongoing communications with the registrants will begin this Summer. Long-term community residents will oversee the day to day logistics of the community and experience truly living together spontaneously in collaborative joy and love and Presence. They will teach what they would learn. Their devotion to follow Spirit entitles them to practice true leadership. We rejoice in the passions and inspirations and nudges that each resident gives and receives in the community. Everyone is deeply appreciated and loved.

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